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What is Cloud Computing?

In simple business terms, Cloud Computing is a way to access the data or applications you need, without having to buy and maintain the hardware or software to support it. Great examples of Cloud Computing that most people are familiar with are online e-mail hosting, such as Yahoo! or Gmail, and the online movie providers like Netflix. Users no longer have to buy or rent a physical DVD or even have a DVD player. They simply stream a movie directly to their tlevision, computer, or smartphone from anywhere that internet access is available. With Cloud Computing, users only consume what they need and don't have to worry about the infrastructure it takes to make it work. 

pepTec Cloud is a unique platform built upon enterprise-level data centers that was designed to securely and reliably deliver entire business networks without the need for expense on-site equipment.

Businesses no longer need to buy, manage, maitain, and backup servers at the office. With pepTec Cloud, all of a company's data, applications, and e-mail are centralized in one ultra-secure location enabling access at any time, from anywhere, and from any device with internet access.

What Would peTec Cloud Mean for My Business?

Businesses have long been asking for an affordable approach to IT that doesn't sacrifice productivity. They want their staff to have the access they need to work efficiently and collaborate, even when out of the office. They want a centralized, secure, and reliable network to enable growth. Most importantly, it's what businesses don't want that is essential. Buying servers, upgrading software, and managing a network are not part of most business goals. 

pepTec Cloud specializes in making IT a simple tool rather than a complex system by integrating all of the best Cloud solutions on a single, simple-to-use platform. All of a company's business applicatons from the latest Microsoft Office, to industry-specific packages, to ERP systems are available from anywhere. All data and files are organized and backed up automatically. pepTec Cloud delivers entire business networks securely, reliably and cost effectively. Companies can rid themselves of the risks associated with managing infrastructure and staying up to date with Microsoft upgrades. Businesses will no longer have the need to make huge capital investments- with pepTec Cloud you only pay for what you use. 

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